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The Kabiri Group was founded by alternative dispute resolution specialist and organizational development practitioner Payam Kabiri in 2021. With 12 years of industry experience under his belt, Payam knows what it takes to deliver trusted, reliable solutions to complex organizational issues. He launched The Kabiri Group to help small to medium size businesses, large scale corporations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies scale up their business and improve their ability to connect with customers and manage conflict.

Payam Kabiri was born and raised in San Diego, California. After finishing his Bachelor’s degree at the University California, Irvine, he decided to attend law school. After law school, Payam made the decision not to pursue a career in law, feeling that the profession of law was too focused on damaging the relationships between conflicted parties rather than fixing relationships and resolving the source of the conflict. He decided to forgo taking the bar exam and move into the field of higher education focusing on enhancing the student experience.

In 2008, Payam Kabiri started working with students at a University level. Later in 2011, while helping to build a Student Dispute Resolution Center for Institutions of Higher Learning (Universities and Educational Corporations), he earned his Masters of Organizational Psychology specializing in Conflict Resolution and Mediation. Payam also earned his Theory and Application of Conflict Resolution and Mediation Certificate through The National Center for Higher Education Risk Management (NCHERM) and is a certified Level 1 and Level 2 Title IX and Civil Rights investigator through the Association of Title IX Administrators (AtIXa).

During his tenure in higher education, Payam Kabiri has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people including University administrators, C-level executives, and Students. More specifically, he has resolved over 3000 informal and formal disputes and participated in hundreds of mediations involving external complaints through federal and state governmental agencies, student initiated disputes involving Title IV violations, Title IX violations, fraud, academic integrity issues, discrimation, and bias. Payam also spent time volunteering at the California Superior Court mediating divorce related disputes in an effort to give back to the community and diversify his conflict resolution skill set.

In 2018, Payam branched out into the private sector working with corporate executives and middle management to address high level external conflict and implement and improve internal conflict resolution systems to better address employee and customer service related disputes. Payam has worked with Real Estate companies, private education firms, governmental entities, and start up corporations helping to improve institutional efficacy and address internal and external conflicts.

Payam Kabiri believes that education is a life long learning process. Currently, he is working on finishing his final chapters of his Doctoral Dissertation in Organizational Psychology (PsyD) specializing in Conflict Resolution and Mediation at the University of Arizona. The focus of his Dissertation is on dispute resolution processes and their impact on organizational retention and the student experience. Mr. Kabiri is set to have his dissertation complete and published this year (2022).

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Company founder, President, and lead coach Payam Kabiri has an extensive history with conflict resolution, mediation, organizational and leadership development. He specializes in breaking down complex information into simplified, digestible concepts to break down barriers to communication and resolve complex organizational issues.

Before launching his training firm, Payam worked as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Officer, Organizational coach, and Customer Experience Professional in the fields of higher education, real estate, blockchain technology, and customer service. Currently working on his Doctor of Organizational Psychology in dispute resolution and mediation from University of Arizona, he brings a unique blend of education and real-world experience to the table.

Our Mission

The Kabiri Group’s mission is to help private and public sector clients solve complex organizational problems outside of the traditional legal system, using methods of alternative dispute resolution to promote sustainable organizational growth, enhance customer experience, mitigate legal costs, and preserve institutional reputation.

Our Vision

We envision a world where private and public organizations have the knowledge, resources, and tools to manage and address internal and external conflicts with confidence.