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COnflict resolution

Conflicts and disputes can damage your institution’s reputation and wind up impacting your profitability and ability to grow. Lost productivity, reduced morale, and legal liabilities do not translate to long-term, sustained success.

On-demand Conflict Resolution from The Kabiri Group can help you avoid this fate and take on the future with confidence. With online and in-person options for individuals, managers, departments, and entire organizations, expert help is just a click away.

Private Sector Clients

We help businesses of all sizes solve disputes and conflicts without involving the courts – discover what our cost-effective resolution strategies can do for you.

Educational Institutions

Between Title IX and student other student initiated disputes (Federal Financial Aid- Title IV, academic, discrimination and bias), internal and external conflict is common within the education sector – we help Universities set up processes that address student initiated disputes, manage conflict, and support retention and enrollment rates.

Government Agencies

The Kabiri Group provides cost-effective, industry-leading conflict resolution services to public sector clients at the local, state, and federal level.

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